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Who we are

PARC is a non-profit organization committed in international social and economic justice. Since 1973, we have been working with a variety of people's movements in Japan to facilitate development of solidarity links with people in struggle in countries mainly in Asian Pacific region. Currently we have more than 750 active members who support our activities. PARC has diverse activities such as advocacy, publishing monthly magazine and booklets, producing educational videos, research, documentation, organizing international conferences and symposiums, and an institution for alternative civic education (the Freedom School). Our activities are guided by our belief in the power of people and to create a better and more humane world.

PARC's Board Member and Staff

Board of Directors

Fujii Atushi
Hanasaki Sho
Hosokawa Komei
Matsumoto Satoru
Ooe Tadaaki
Tanaka Shigeru
Uchida Shoko


Uchida Shoko (Secretary General/Specialist on International Trade/TPP)
Takahashi Mari (General Affairs)
Tanaka Shigeru (Publication/International Affairs)
Takada Hiromichi (Freedom School)
Asada Mai (Freedom School)


Toyo Building 3F, 1-7-11, Kanda Awaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0063
TEL +81-3-5209-3455 FAX +81-3-5209-3453